Seamlessly lend NFTs and earn interest while holding! In Kingdomly, we allow crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to access new experiences without making the commitment to a full price purchase!

What We Offer
How We Do Rentals
Your one stop shop for NFT renting.

As a Renter, simply specify the amount of days you’d like to borrow an NFT for and you’re good to go.

The “Lender’s” set rental price is multiplied by the amount of days that the “Borrower” sets and is sent to the “Lender” upon purchase of the rental.

Automatically get a hold of your rights.

This total rent price gets deducted from the borrower’s balance and sent to the Kingdomly contract which then transfers “usership” rights linked to the rented NFT from “Lender” to “Borrower”

At the end of the borrowing period the “usership” status is transferred from the “Borrower” wallet back to the “Lender” wallet

Smart-regulation of rental assets.

Once this is confirmed, the rent price is transferred from Kingdomly to the “Lender”

In the case that the NFT is transferred out of the “Lender” wallet, “usership” status is immediately revoked from “Borrower” wallet and transferred to the new owner wallet address



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